Our sweet-natured kitty and his best animal friends are once again engaging in an adventurous journey where lots of fun and surprises await them.  In this cool special episode, the kitty first comes to cuddle us, entertain us a bit, and show us how it’s done. Once the kitty has cuddled us, she takes us to her home and shows us all the toys and games she has at home. She shows us how she has improved at shooting the basketball and even though she doesn’t hit it right the first time you can see how much she has improved. Kitten will show us the box game and she can catch all the falling mice. Not one mouse slips through. Then the kitty goes on a super journey with her animal friends, where they have a great laugh. In her closet, Kitty picks out a new costume for the carnival and really chooses the best costume there is. Because kitty will shine at the carnival and all the animals will be happy to see how great kitty looks. At the end, the kitten will cuddle us again and go to sleep in his little bed, where he will dream the best cat dreams.